VERSIO is your partner when you need fast and reliable access to language support. We offer a full range of high-quality language services to individuals and all types of companies. Our services include document translation, interpreting, proofreading, and others. We specialise in any foreign language combination to or from Russian. Entrust VERSIO with all of your translation needs to ensure that your audiences receive your products and content as you intend. Read more about our services.


VERSIO provides professional language interpretation between Russian and all major languages for all business situations. Our interpreting services cover consecutive, simultaneous and whispered styles.


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Document Translation


VERSIO offers accurate translation services for all types of documentation across a wide range of industries, whether it is from the technical, legal, medical, business, or academic field.


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Editing & Proofreading


If you are short of time or resources and you require your document to be checked for spelling, accuracy and grammar, VERSIO can take care of the proofreading for you.


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Transcription & Subtitling


At VERSIO we offer a transcription service: converting a spoken language into the written format. We are able to work in any digital audio format including MP4, WMA, MP3 DSS, AVI, VOB, WAV, CD, DVD. We translate a variety of material – taped interviews, conference speeches, business meetings, telephone conversations, videos, TV/radio programmes, market research questionnaires, and others.


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Voice-Over is more than just a product. It’s the voice of your company. Voice-over translation uses audio voice artists, actors and narrators to translate the spoken word and deliver the message to an audience so that the meaning is not lost.


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Business Contacts Research


Expand your business with VERSIO. We can help you find potential agents, distributors, manufacturers, representatives, joint venture partners, franchisees, or strategic partners in Russia without even leaving your country!


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Business Trip Facilitation


VERSIO offers supporting services which will help individuals or companies arrange their stay in Russia:

  • preliminary correspondence and holding negotiations;

  • preparation of documents required for visa application;

  • search and booking of the hotel...


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Recruitment Services


VERSIO can offer a personal, high quality recruitment service. Whether your company needs to hire an in-house translator or outsource the translation work, contact us and we will discuss your requirements...


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Sightseeing Tours


If you have come in the Kemerovo region on business, or you are a tourist interested in the history and culture, VERSIO can provide city/regional tours.We can be most helpful in arranging an interesting program during your stay. Make it more enjoyable and meaningful!..


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‘’Interpreters were very efficient and professional in servicing the meeting itself, exhibiting high command of complex technical terminology in the subject area of advanced technologies of coal production and utilization used by the participants from countries in North-East Asia, including China, Japan, Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation.’’

Sergey Tulinov, Economic Affairs Officer

Energy Security and Water Recources Section

Commission for Asia and the Pacific


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