VERSIO provides professional language interpretation between Russian and all major languages for all business situations.  Our interpreting services cover consecutive, simultaneous and whispered styles.

  • Consecutive interpreting is typically used in small group discussions, business meetings, interviews and speeches.

  • Simultaneous interpreting provides an instant interpretation of what is being said and requires specialist equipment. It is useful for big-scale conferences, where there is a significant proportion of the audience who will not understand the source language. Often, more than one language pair is required.

  • Whispering interpreting, often combined with consecutive, is typically used for more informal small business meetings or site visits. This approach does not require any equipment and involves the interpreter whispering the interpretation to the delegate during the meeting or visit.

Whether you need simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpreting, our experienced specialists interpret smoothly and with a high degree of precision.


VERSIO provides interpreters where confidentiality is paramount, including board meetings, data room negotiations and internal consultations.

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