Document Translation

The principle of document translation: a translation should give a complete transcript of the ideas of the original work and should sound as if it was written in the target language. Thus, we choose translators who are specialists in particular subject areas and good writers in their native language, know all the finer points of writing in the subject and language they are working in.

VERSIO offers professional translation in the following areas:


  • Technical (instruction manuals and product catalogues, machine description and documentation, standards and specifications, offers and data sheets, etc.)

  • Business and Financial (business plans, business letters and proposals, business cards, quarterly and annual reports, balance sheets, analyses, etc.)

  • Marketing (brochures, catalogues, PR material, advertising, marketing material)

  • Legal (contracts, agreements, court documents, power of attorney, etc.)

  • Medical (pharmaceutical and clinical trials, clinical protocols, summaries of product characteristics , product information leaflets , patient medical history and records, academic papers, research reports, etc.)

  • Website translation

  • Personal documents (diplomas, certificates, records, personal correspondence, etc.)

Each translation goes through proofreading – checking spelling and grammar, considering the style and vocabulary of the translation. You may be certain of complete accuracy, confidentiality, attention to detail and delivery within fast turnaround times.

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